Pay Increasaes

Carson City School Board Approves Pay Increases for Teachers and Staff
Posted on 07/26/2023
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The Carson City School District and the School Board of Trustees have taken a significant step in recognizing the hard work and dedication of its educators and education support professionals by approving pay increases this year and next year. The decision was reached during the July 25 school board meeting and is set to take effect fiscal year 2024 with retro pay going back to the time of the approval.

The action brings starting salaries up to $52K annually, ranking the school district the highest starting annual income district in northern Nevada. The previous starting annual salary in the school district was $43K.

The pay increase plan, brought forth through a ratified agreement with the district’s collective bargaining groups Ormsby County Education Association (OCEA) and Carson Educational Support Association (CESA), was approved in unanimous votes (4-0 and 5-0 respectively) by the school board trustees with Trustee Molly Walt abstaining from the OCEA vote. The pay increases aim to attract and retain top-notch teaching talent and further enhance the quality of education provided to students within the district.

“With these measures, our school board affirms our commitment to valuing teachers and ensuring their continued professional growth and job satisfaction,” said Dan Sadler, associate superintendent of Human Resources for the Carson City School District.

The competitive compensation action taken at the board meeting will provide a $7,000 pay increase for all educators this year. It will also provide a 14% increase to all education support professionals this year. Bus drivers received a 24% pay increase to bring their pay range to $19.63 – 24.60. An additional pay increase is still to be determined as a result of Senate Bill 231 from the 2023 legislative session.

"Our teachers and education support professionals are the backbone of our educational system,” said Carson City School District Superintendent Andrew Feuling. “They tirelessly invest in the future of our children and work to shape bright minds. By approving these pay increases, we not only demonstrate our gratitude for their unwavering commitment and dedication to the academic excellence of our students now and in the future, but also reestablish Carson City School District as place that potential employees want to work. Our children deserve no less than the best, and we have firmly planted that flag in the ground."