Office of Superintendent

Andrew FeulingHello, and welcome to the Carson City School District. Whether you are new to our area or a long-time resident, I invite you to browse through this site and discover all of the exciting programs and people that set our district apart. 

With the nicest people anywhere, a vibrant economy, abundant recreational opportunities and a nationally recognized school district, Carson City offers an unrivaled quality of life. 

Carson City School District is special because of its people. Our philosophy about education is driven with a non-negotiable expectation that every student will leave our schools equipped with the necessary tools to contribute positively to our fast-growing state. In order to do this, Carson City School District believes in a "learner-centered" model that focuses instruction on what the individual student needs to know and be able to do.

With our dedicated staff, a sophisticated student data system and a guaranteed curriculum and assessment process, we expect every student to be successful. This attitude is not only espoused by our professional staff, but also by our citizens. They believe that they, too, have a civic responsibility to contribute to the learning of our students. As a result, our community empowers tomorrow's innovators, leaders and thinkers by embracing the future with the same pioneering spirit that made our city the capital of Nevada and a thriving hub of business, industry and culture. 

Carson City School District is much more than a collection of schools, it is a community vision to establish extraordinary schools and develop productive citizens. Our district is large enough to offer unique and specialized programs but small enough to maintain the personal touches that make our schools so inviting.

Carson City truly offers the traditions of our Western roots with the promise of an enlightened future for our children. 

  - Mr. Andrew Feuling, Superintendent