Virtual Prom

Virtual Nod for Prom and Prom Candidates
Posted on 04/02/2020
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Carson High School (CHS) is helping seniors participate in what they are calling a virtual nod for prom and prom candidates this weekend. Saturday, April 4, was the previously scheduled evening designated for what many considered a rite-of-passage for high school seniors and a quintessential American tradition that, along with graduation, often symbolizes the end of one chapter in life and the beginning of a new one. With the COVID-19 pandemic, those plans among many others have been canceled.

“We still want to celebrate you in a way that is unique to us, unique to you and unique to the situation,” said CHS Counselor Bridget Gordon-Johnson to all the seniors in an online video. “Sometimes life is a really big bummer, and right now for you…it’s a really big bummer. The class of 2020 has been through a lot, and definitely, this is not what you were hoping your senior year would look like. As we pause our traditional prom for just for now, with the hopes that when we return, we will do something special. We want to take a moment to still sit with what it means to be a prom candidate.”

The school created a google slideshow that highlights each of the prom king and queen candidates, nominated by educators and staff at the high school, so each student can take a moment to vote for their prom king and queen, she continued. Candidates are listed alphabetically (by first name) below first by queen then king.

  • Brook Robinson
  • Chloe Walt
  • Hailey Ponczoch
  • Hannah Kaiser
  • Heidi Barney
  • Kelly McCready
  • Clayton Bensmiller
  • Cole Johnson
  • Logan Foster
  • Logan Speakman
  • Seth Anderson
  • Zach Sever

“What this might look like is different than it normally is, but the meaning is still the same,” she said. “My hope is that when the dust settles, and all of this madness eases back into normality, that you as seniors get a second to celebrate together.”

Voting for candidates ends Friday, April 3, at 12 noon. Student Council plans to announce the winners to all the seniors at the high school Monday, April 6, through email. The school is hoping the community can support the seniors celebrate prom by following health and safety guidelines (only with family in the home, no visitors), by viewing the slideshow here, decorating their doors, using sidewalk chalk or even hosting an evening of dinner and dance of sorts in their homes or living rooms.

“I hope that we remember that being in the moment matters…that connecting with one another matters,” Gordon-Johnson continued. “And I hope that this week you can take a chance to rally around your prom king and queen candidates. To see how special they are, how much they represent each one of you and to share that love with one another. In the end, the way that we deal with the adversities that come our way are what define us as people. That’s what makes us the best, most creative, most unique individuals.”