Anna and Leah

Senior Spotlight: Carson High’s Anna and Leah Roylance
Posted on 11/10/2023
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Truly fortunate people are those who have lifelong friendships. Anna and Leah Roylance may be among the luckiest as they bonded in utereo. Their mom, Allison Roylance, tells her girls “you’re welcome for hand-crafting a best friend for you.” Anna and Leah are top students with impressive accomplishments in singing and musical theater and a bright future ahead of them, which is why they are Seniors in the Spotlight.

The girls share family, friends and many of the same interests, but they’re also individuals. Anna says they look alike but she is 2 inches taller and 2 minutes younger. Leah calls Anna the funny and outgoing one. Anna went to France and Switzerland with high school friends and considers it one of her fondest high school memories. Anna says Leah’s kindness is her best trait. “She honestly cares for all of our friends and tries to help in any way she can.”

Both Roylances work hard and stay motivated in all they do. In academics. Anna has a 4.43 weighted GPA while Leah has a 4.48. Both have taken five Advance Placement classes. Leah has taken eight honors classes while Anna has taken 10. Anna has stronger math skills, which became painfully apparent when they decided to switch places on April Fool’s Day. Anna said: “The worst thing that happened to me was that I wrote my name on a paper instead of Leah’s name.” Leah said: “I failed a math test for her. You’re welcome, Anna! I still have trauma over it, lol.” Both girls participated in Allstate Choir and Western Regional Choir. Both participated in Color Guard for CHS’s marching band. And both girls have appeared in several musicals with community theater groups.

Next year, both girls will join their older sister at Utah State University. Anna plans to study electrical engineering while Leah wants to get a business degree and then go to cosmetology school and work with her mother. Leah: “It’s funny. Anna is going in my dad’s career while I’m going in my mom’s career.” Both girls are excited about being out on their own and making new friends. Leah said she’s a little nervous about living alone with her sisters: “Our parents used to end our arguments, but all of us are pretty stubborn. Also, money will probably be an issue for Anna. “I’m nervous about using my money wisely,” Anna admitted. “There’s an Ulta Beauty that is only 3 minutes away from our house, uh oh!

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