Vanessa Diaz

Senior Spotlight: Carson High’s Vanessa Diaz’s Focus on the Future
Posted on 02/03/2023
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Carson High School Senior Vanessa Diaz is a truly remarkable young lady. Her open, kind and engaging personality makes her instantly likable. Even as a freshman, Vanessa stood out for her tenacity and focus on her future. At the beginning of COVID-19, there was so much unknown, but she made a Zoom appointment with her counselor only days into quarantine. In the background of her appointment, her baby sister cried the entire time, and her mom popped in and out, asking questions and participating while taking care of an upset infant. Vanessa made the appointment because she wanted to know right away what to do during quarantine to make sure this did not derail her goals for college. She chose to participate in CHS’s highly rigorous AP and CTE programs as she felt they were the best fit for her dreams. Vanessa’s big goals stem from her supportive family who have helped her to be successful as a person and as a student.

Vanessa is a first-generation college student, and her dream to fulfill her grandparents’ and parents’ sacrifice is her driving force. In her college essay, she wrote, “Sometimes, one does not have to look far for inspiration; sometimes, inspiration is found at home. Mis padres fought to make my life in the United States a reality, and they sacrificed so much for me to have an opportunity. I will not let this opportunity go to waste, and I’ll make something of myself.” Vanessa has done well at CHS ranking in the top 20 of her class with a 4.75 GPA.

Beyond academics, Vanessa has been highly involved with CHS’s HOSA program. Currently, she serves as the HOSA Vice President and is supporting her peers as they face state competition next month. Vanessa chose to participate in HOSA because of her dream to one day become a doctor, and HOSA has provided her the needed skills to be fully prepared for what lay ahead.

Outside of school, Vanessa maintains a nearly full time job working for a local car dealership. When she isn’t working, she is applying for colleges and scholarships. She is currently awaiting decisions from more than 8 highly selective colleges and universities, but she has received acceptances at the University of Nevada, Reno and Cottey College (an elite all-female university in Missouri). Vanessa is relaying on scholarships in order to make her decision as the cost of college feels overwhelming as a first-generation student. Please join CHS in celebrating this outstanding Senator!

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