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School District Earns Award, Grant for Excellence in Risk Management
Posted on 09/13/2023
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The Carson City School District was recognized last night at the September 12 school board meeting for earning the prestigious Enterprise Risk Management Excellence Program Award (ERMEP) and for demonstrating excellence in enterprise risk management and commitment to the health, safety and welfare of its students, staff and the community it serves. The award also came with a check in the amount of $8,787.50 to be used toward future risk management projects.

The ERMEP Award can only be achieved after a rigorous and comprehensive audit of an entity’s policy and procedures, which demonstrates adherence to industry best practice policies and procedures. The review was conducted through an independent audit by professional risk experts earlier this year in July.

“The POOL/PACT risk management staff who conducted the audit were professional and skilled in risk management best practices, and we all appreciate their dedication and hard work,” Carson City School District Risk Manager Ann Cyr said. “We did adapt or modify some policies where needed. This prestigious award from an independent auditing agency shows that we are right in line with those best practices.”

In 1996 POOL/PACT, (a Nevada non-profit organization comprised of over 140 public entities throughout Nevada) launched the ERMEP as a framework to achieve enterprise risk management excellence among its members. The audit includes a requirement that all policies reviewed must be “in place and operational” for each department.

“Management staff at the Carson City School District is constantly striving to make sure our programs and policies are the best they can be for the benefit of our students, staff and the community we serve,” Superintendent Feuling noted. “Successfully processing through POOL/PACT’s rigorous Enterprise Risk Management Excellence Program audit confirmed that.”

The following CCSD personnel were primarily involved with the audit sections:

  • Andrew Feuling, superintendent
  • Ann Cyr, risk manager, ERMEP coordinator (Risk Management Section)
  • Dan Sadler, associate superintendent of Human Resources (Human Resources Section)
  • Laurel Crossman, school board trustee (Board Governance Section)
  • Spencer Winward, director of Fiscal Services (Fiscal Controls Section)
  • Raymond Medeiros, director of Innovation and Technology (CyberSecurity Section)
  • Steve West, director of Operations (Transportation Section)
  • Tasha Fuson, associate superintendent of Educational Services (School District Section)

“On behalf of our staff, we are honored to accept this award, which could not have been achieved without the hard working and dedicated team who participated in this project,” Feuling continued.

ABOUT Pool/Pact
The Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool (POOL) a non-profit entity, was formed in 1987. By pooling resources, Nevada public entities discovered that they could obtain general liability and property casualty coverage at a reasonable cost and access risk management and human resources superior to those previously offered to smaller, rural municipalities. The Public Agency Compensation Trust (PACT), a non-profit entity, was formed in 1996 to provide workers compensation coverage. POOL/PACT members include counties, cities, school districts, law enforcement, fire departments, special districts and towns.