Alivia Aschenbach

Senior Spotlight: Carson High’s Alivia Aschenbach’s quiet calm helps push others to do great things
Posted on 04/06/2023
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Alivia Aschenbach is a student who, in her quiet calm, helps push others to do great things at Carson High School. Alivia is determined, hardworking, courageous and a natural leader, whose great humility is matched only by her compassion for those around her. With a 5.158 GPA, Alivia is ranked top in her class, and she pushes herself by taking Advanced Placement and rigorous Career and Technical Education courses.

Alivia credits her success to her family. As a granddaughter of immigrants, Alivia prides herself her carrying on their legacy of hard work and success. In her college essay, she wrote of her grandparents, “They worked jobs many push aside: scrubbing toilets, collecting garbage, mopping hospital hallways... Now, my family’s story has evolved into so much more. With 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren, they live on a peaceful ranch in Northern Nevada. They stand a testament to the existence of the American Dream, one I hope to continue pursuing.”

At Carson High School, Alivia has not missed a single opportunity to advance her own learning nor opportunities. She is currently the President of CHS’s very competitive HOSA Club and helped to lead her team to win several spots at the State Competition last month. She has also completed the many required AP courses to be an AP Capstone Diploma Candidate, and she is on track for a biliteracy diploma in Spanish-English. She is a pianist for CHS’s Jazz band, and she is a third-year Academic Letter Recipient. Outside of school, Alivia works hard as a dancer with Western Nevada Performing Arts, and she teaches kinder gymnastics for Tumbleweeds Gymnastics. Alivia’s desire to give back to the community is evident in her actions and her dedication to commitments.

Alivia plans to further her education at the University of Nevada, Reno in the fall. She is relying heavily on scholarships and has applied to all that she can in hopes of being able to alleviate the heavy financial burden college can bring. Alivia is an incredible example of what a CHS Senator can be, and Carson High School is excited to celebrate her fine accomplishments with her and her family!

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