Dear Parents:

The District’s GATE cluster program begins in 3rd grade, and all second grade students are screened for possible eligibility.  While teachers will be nominating students in grades 3 and above, parents can also request to have their child nominated for inclusion in the GATE program.  This screening will include:  a teacher observation form, state test scores when available, MAP scores, enrollment at a Title I school, free or reduced lunch eligibility, English Language Learner designation, Special Education or Section 504 identification, enrollment in another district’s GATE program, and cognitive testing. 

If you would like to have your child considered for the Gifted and Academically Talented program:

  1. Please contact your child’s teacher and ask him/her to nominate your child.
  2. Complete and sign a Parent Authorization for Eligibility Testing form that your child’s teacher will provide.
  3. Once the screening process has been completed in April of 2017, you will receive written notification of your child’s eligibility for participation in the GATE program.